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We all from time to time wonder where to go during the summer holidays. The Sun is blazing and the kids are bored, well we have taken the pressure off you, just by adding some exiting ideas , we could save you from the hassle of trying find where to go for events that may be just a bus journey away from home, or even a walk away.

There are a few ideas for you to take them by car, train
and bus on longer planned trips too,

we recommend packing some dry clothes, a towel, umbrella,(because it does rain a lot in the UK) shower proof coat, sun hat, sun cream.

Packed lunches and drinks for trips are less expensive than buying food out in big Cities and Town Centres, unless you want to visit fast food restaurants. Please do take your litter away, or use litter bins provided where available,
and "Keep Britain Tidy" .
Leave the area as clean as you would wish to find it yourselves.

Always have some pocket money for the unexpected, like ice cream , or other adventures.

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Northampton has some very big Parks, there is even a few museums
in the town too, the one in Abington Park

Highlights are:
  • The history of the Northamptonshire Regiment
  • Northampton Life
  • rolling programme of displays from the costume collection
  • Museum of Leathercraft collection. For more information on the collection,
  • visit Museum of Leathercraft

Bradlaugh Fields

Developed from a former golf course, Bradlaugh Fields
is a park run by the community for the community.

Delapre Park

History of Delapre Gardens

This attractive area of 8 acres lies in the southern part of the town just off the main London Road, with open parkland of about 500 acres adjoining the Gardens.

Ornamental features include: -

  • Delapre Abbey
  • Walled Garden
  • Rock and Water Gardens
  • Ha-Ha Wal
  • Tree Sculptures and
  • Delapre WoodsDelapre Woods

Other Parks and open spaces in

the Northampton area

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