Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Today i was kindly given two new photographs, so thanks to Sanz Piroth for donating these two pictures for me to use.

From left to right, 
Nataya Muziq, Stedman Pearson, 
Dave lewis, Mark Dean and Oliver Francis 

Nataya, a highly rated & respected UK Soul/RnB vocalist/songwriter, is set to turn heads and more importantly capture listeners ears and minds.

With her cool, convivial persona mixed with her fiery live performances, Nataya is an artist who has the unique ability to engage and appeal to a multitude of people around the globe.

Nataya's unique "bo-chic" flavoursome style & her dynamic, spine tingling vocal will make you fall in love with music again.

Stedman Pearson is the eldest of the five Pearson siblings, and has a background in dance and fashion. He left college to join his sisters and younger brother in Five Star in 1983.

Stedman had just started new street/hip hop/jazz 
classes in Northampton, 
being held @ the Derngate gym.

Dave Lewis, Mark Dean, Oliver Francis are my colleagues From Inspiration FM Radio, as you may also know have connections with BBC Radio Northampton too !

Mark Dean, with Stedman Pearson
formerly of Five Star.
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