Sunday, 25 October 2009

RnB Singer "Joe" Blasts a Judgement

Reports this week:

R’N’B SINGER Joe has blasted the sentence given to a lorry driver who crashed into a car, killing three young women.

Kaya Bousquet, 22, along with her friends Patience Ncube, 22, and Danielle Campbell, 23, were killed after lorry driver, Martin O’Neil hit their car on the M1 on February 16 last year.

The young women were travelling back to London after plans to attend Joe’s concert in Birmingham were changed.

The singer, who is currently in the UK promoting his new single, Signature, criticised the £500 fine O’ Neil was given for ‘Driving without Due Care and Attention’, along with his 12-month driving suspension.

“That is no justice to the girls and their family. It breaks my heart even more to know that the driver responsible for killing those beautiful ladies escaped lightly.”

“My heart still bleeds,” the seven-time Grammy nominated singer told The Voice.
“When I heard the news I went completely numb. In fact, my whole camp was heartbroken when we heard the news, especially because we were with the three ladies the day before.

“I felt and still feel so bad. It makes you question ‘would they still be alive if I never had a concert in Birmingham’,” said the father of one.

The three women were planning to see Joe and singer Mario perform in concert, but made a U-turn back to London after their management said they would be finishing the concert early.

Driving back on the M1, they were forced to stop in the slow lane of the motorway due to the hard-shoulder being out of bounds, when their car began to lose power.
O’Neil’s 40-ton Daf (lorry with trailer) slammed into the back of their car, killing Ncube immediately.

Campbell, an r’n’b singer known as D* Krystal who was tipped for stardom, died in hospital the next day.

Bousquet, dubbed ‘Queen of the Clubz’ was taken to a north London hospital and died 11 days later of multiple injuries.


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