Monday, 16 November 2009

Cannabis !!


Cannabis can be called by lots of different names e.g. spliff, joint, pot, hash, and I’m sure you have heard of  many more.Cannabis is a natural substance from the cannabis plant. This contains chemicals and the main chemical is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for short. This chemical is the main ingredient in cannabis and marijuana and it acts on the brain to produce its effects causing feelings to change. Sometimes it makes you happy other times it can make you confused and sad. It is said that the amount of THC in cannabis today can be between 5-100 times the amount that was in it in the 1960s. THC causes a psychotic effect only
lasting up to 1hr per cigarette. On the average person and as we are all not the same the effects maybe shorter or longer so basically the more you smoke the longer these effects will last.
Because it makes you feel good you tend to smoke it more often. 

About R.O.A.C.H.

 Main purpose:
The education of young people in Northamptonshire aged between 11 and 16 about the long term psychiatric harm that cannabis use can cause. 

What R.O.A.C.H do !
The programme will be delivered in schools during a period allocated to Personal and Social Education.

The Leader of the programme during the lesson will be a volunteer [Mrs Vanessa Turvey ] who will provide each child with a printed instructional booklet and a headset.
The activities the children will take part in will be interactive including the use of the headsets to create brief transmissions of sounds which give the impression of the psychotic disturbance experienced by cannabis users. A quiz will be used to assist in the evaluation of the impact of the messages.

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