Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Comedy Review


 Alternative festive fun with Christmas comedy was billed for the Royal stage,  at Royal & Derngate venue over the last few days, Tuesday , Wednesday , and Thursday.

Well alternative it was , with a compare, Carl Donnelly in between acts, very funny warm up man he was.  

There were gaps in the seats , he called them "laughter gaps", he then asked the audience to move forward and fill the empty gaps in the seating, this was very cosy , as i sat in the very front row.

The first act was Rob Deering , a multi- talented comedian he was, by playing with props, like a guitar, and asking for people to shout out rock numbers, and he played them with remarkable skill, and very funny too, as he changed the lyrics to the songs !



Rob Deering


Rob Deering first made his mark on TV when he joined the intrepid cast of 99 Things To Do Before You Die (on Five) and has since turned up consistently on TV and at comedy clubs around Britain, lambasting pop culture, promoting apple-based alcoholic beverages and playing widdly-widdly rock guitar, all with his inimitable cheesy egotism.

Mike Wilmot 

  There was an interval , and we all returned and was introduced to  Canadian comic Mike Wilmot, who jokes about beer and sex mainly , Mike was politically and anatomically incorrect , his humour is not for under 18's , as it was a no holds barred performance , but very funny show.


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