Friday, 22 January 2010

Boiler Scrappage Scheme UK

British Government’s new £50 million boiler scrappage scheme which has just been launched following the great success of the car scrappage scheme last year.

From the beginning of January up to 125,000 households in England with working “G-rated” boilers can apply for a voucher which will entitle them to £400 off the price of a new, modern “A-rated” boiler or a renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

Not only will the new scheme bring huge benefits to the jobs market, by helping to sustain 130,000 installers, but will help save approximately £200 per year on family fuel bills and in the long run help climate change.

Householders and Landlords of privately let accommodation can find out more about the scheme and register for a voucher by calling the Energy Saving Trust’s advice line on 0800 512 012 or by logging on to

British Gas has now informed me that they are committed to matching the Government’s £400 voucher for customers who replace their boilers with a new energy efficient condensing boiler.

In addition they are is currently offering a year’s free Homecare 200 worth £204 and six free

thermostatic radiator valves worth £248. If you are interested in investigating their offer you can visit or call 0800 009 4450.

It is estimated that installing energy-efficient boilers can help customers improve their energy efficiency by up to 30%. Figures on the savings that can be made by installing energy-efficient boilers are available from the Energy Saving Trust:

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