Saturday, 16 January 2010

Derngate - format changeover from Lyric Theatre to Concert Hall in 5 minutes

The reason the Northampton people 
are proud of their finest theatre venue !
A time-lapse movie of the changeover from Lyric Theatre to Concert Hall formats at 
Royal & Derngate  Northampton UK

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Did you know?:

  • The Royal & Derngate once was the home of the
Northampton Bus station and every factory fortnight last week in July and the first week in August for Northampton people.

  • And everyone  used to all go to their 
seaside holiday homes for two weeks, and all returned back to work in the second week of August.

  • Every year more than 350,000 visit Royal & Derngate. 
  •  I hope that you will be one of the people that they will welcome through their doors this year.

  • Did you know?

Notable appearances at the Royal

  • Errol Flynn In the early 1930s, Flynn left Australia for the England and in 1933 had an acting job with the Northampton repertory company at the Royal, where he worked for seven months

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The Venue is now know as Royal & Derngate Northampton
"Royal & Derngate is the main venue for arts and entertainment in Northampton. Recently the subject of a £15 million redevelopment project, the theatre offers two auditoria and Underground, a creativity centre that’s home to the Youth Theatre and a wide range of workshops and projects for the local community."

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