Saturday, 23 January 2010



Now Think of the best things in life:

1. Falling in love.

2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.

3. A hot shower.

4. A Car park with plenty of space to park.

5. A special glance.

6. Getting mail.

7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.

8.Inspiration FM Radio coming back this summer.

9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

10. Hot towels out of the dryer.

11. Finding the sweater you want is on sale for half price.

12. Inspiration FM Radio coming back this summer.

13. A long distance phone call.

14. A bubble bath.

15. Giggling.

16. A good conversation.

17. The beach.

18. Finding a £20 in your coat from last winter.

19. Laughing at yourself.

20. DJ on IFM Radio playing your tune.

21. Running through sprinklers.

22. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.

23. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.

24. Laughing at an inside joke.

25. Friends.

26. Falling in love for the first time.

27. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.

28. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.

29. Your first kiss.

30. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

31. Playing with a new puppy.

32. Late night talks with your roommate that keep you from sleeping.

33. Having someone play with your hair.

34. Sweet dreams.

35. Hot chocolate.

36. Road trips with friends.

37. Swinging on swings.

38. Watching a good movie cuddled up on a couch with someone you love.

39. Wrapping presents to put under
the Christmas tree .

40. Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid.

41. Going to a really good concert.

42. Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person.

43. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.

44. Winning a really competitive game.

45. Making chocolate chip cookies!

46. Having your mum cook you some of her good food!

47. Spending time with close friends!

48. Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends.

49. Holding hands with someone you care about.

50. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.

51. Discovering that love is unconditional and stronger than time.

52. Riding the best roller coasters over and over.

53. Hugging the person you love.

54. Watching the expression someone's face as they open a much-desired present from you.

55. Watching the sunrise.

56. Getting out of bed every morning and thanking God for another beautiful day.

57. Having friends you know you can cry on or talk to about your deepest problems

58. Opening that coffee jar for the first time and popping the foil top.

59. Holding that new born baby in your arms, ah!

60. Inspiration FM radio broadcasting your favourite tune.

Yes Inspiration FM Radio is coming back this summer, and yes , we are all the above !

About Inspiration FM Radio:

Since 1996 Inspiration FM have completed 15 Restricted Service licences (RSL). These broadcasts have developed into a popular, successful and well loved multicultural radio venture. The organisation was set up by community volunteers with support and funding from the Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council.

Our community programmes:

Asian Community
The Asian Music Mix with Paul Gera
The Asian Selection with The Spice Boys

African Community
Somali Sounds

Irish Community
The Irish Folk Show

Greek Community
The Mediterranean Mix with DJ Aggie & DJ Mario

Inspiration FM has unique radio programmes that have won awards. The Greek
show on Inspiration FM is the only Greek show on radio outside of London. The show
was featured in Greek magazines/Newspapers.

Polish Community
The Polish Show

The wide variety of music played on Inspiration FM will never be heard on any other
local stations.
Niche music radio shows for music lovers and dancers bringing back memories of
revival classics tunes played at clubs and pubs by the DJ’s of that time.

Styles of Music to played on the station. Chart, Dance, Rnb, Classics Sounds,
Reggae, Gospel 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s right up to date. Traditional Asian/Punjabi African
Mixtures/African Caribbean/ Northern Soul/ Jazz// Drum & Bass/ House/ Garage/Soca
, Rnb/ Bhangra/ Hip Hop/ Dancehall/ambient/Local Bands & Music/Country/Rock,

Inspiration FM Radio

Inspiration FM is supported by, Northampton Borough Council
Sonic 5
JCA Public Relations
BBC Radio Northampton 104.2 & 103.6 FM
Martin Ariel & Jared
The National Lottery
Northamptonshire County Council
West Northamptonshire Development Corporation

Supported by Northampton Borough Council, Sonic 5, JCA Public Relations, BBC Radio Northampton 104.2 & 103.6 FM, Msaada, Martin Ariel & Jared, The National Lottery, Northamptonshire County Council, West Northamptonshire Development Corporation
The National Lottery Northamptonshire County Council West Northamptonshire Development Corporation

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