Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Stepping up the fight against distraction burglary

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POLICE in Northamptonshire will be stepping up the fight against distraction burglary in the county at a conference this week.
Members of the Doorstep crime Action Network (DAN) - and potential new recruits to the network – are being invited to a conference at Force Headquarters in Northampton on Thursday 18 March (11am to 1.30pm).
DAN was launched in September last year, a joint initiative between Northamptonshire Police and the County Council’s Trading Standards Department to look out for and lock up doorstep criminals across the county who target elderly or vulnerable people.
Doorstep crime includes ‘distraction burglary’ and ‘rogue doorstep traders.’
Distraction burglars trick their way into people’s homes and steal valuables whilst the occupier is distracted.
Rogue doorstep traders target vulnerable and elderly members of the community and offer to carry out gardening or building type work and then obtain disproportionately high payment.
Detective Chief Superintendent Dean Smith who will be hosting the event, said: “The Doorstep crime Action Network comprises members of the public together with public, private, charity and community sector organisations.
“Anyone can be a member of DAN and all they need to do is keep an eye out for doorstep crime and inform us on the dedicated DAN hotline 0345 23 07 702.”
More than fifty organisations have joined DAN since the launch but more support is needed from any businesses, voluntary or charitable organisations who have contact with elderly or vulnerable members of the public in order to pass on advice and keep an eye out for them. 
Attendance at the event from such potential members will also be welcomed.
A seasonal doorstep crime peak is anticipated in March and April, so this timely event to protect the elderly and vulnerable from becoming victims of a distraction burglars or rogue traders.
If you could be a potential DAN member, please join us at this event by calling Enzina Small on 03000 111 222 ext. 8348 with your name and organisation name or email
DAN hotline 0345 23 07 702.

This is a video asking people to take part in our public 
consultation, to find out what we can do to make the
public  feel more confident in their police.
This video was recorded on  1st December 2009

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