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New day surgery unit is opened at Northampton General Hospital,UK

Northampton General Hospital 
NHS Trust

Article from Insight (Free Magazine)
 April/May 2010 Issue 30

A new day surgery unit, designed to improve the experience of patients who have their operation
and return home on the same day, has been opened by Dr John Hickey, the Trust chairman.
The new unit has three dedicated theatres, 15 beds, three patient assessment rooms, same
sex waiting areas, and a children’s and family waiting area. It is being used exclusively for
adults requiring day case surgery, and children requiring inpatient and day case surgery.
Procedures carried out there involve specialties such as general surgery, urology, plastics,
maxillofacial and dental, ear nose and throat, and ophthalmology.
Theatres matron Linda Bazeley said: 
In the
old unit, in-patients were prepared for major
surgery at the same time as people here just
for the day. This dedicated unit provides a
much better experience for patients. Privacy
and dignity is improved because patients are
now seen in one of three assessment rooms,
rather than just behind curtains, and they
progress through theatres into a recovery area.
It’s better for staff too, and it’s a much more
efficient way of workin
The layout means that, as well as men and women having increased privacy, people
coming in are separated from those who have had an operation, which causes less anxiety
for them. And children having operations arrive into their own waiting area so they are totally
separated from adult care at all times, in line with best practice guidelines.

Patient Betty Alcock was interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton about her experience in
the new unit. She said:
I think it’s really very nice. It’s good when you come round to think
you’ll be home at the end of the day, and it will be nice to sleep in my own bed. It’s very
patient friendly, the surroundings are lovely, and everybody’s been so kind and so helpful. You
get so much attention - and a bonus today with the radio here as well!

Another patient was Paul Krupnik, who said:
I’ve had laser surgery on my larynx, and it
went very well – as smoothly as you like. I was
in at 7.30am and out by 11.30am. I had a
similar op four weeks ago at the previous unit,
but this is a lot cleaner and brighter and more
patient friendly. I’ve been looked after very well,
and everyone has been great to me.
Staff in one of the three operating
theatres in the new unit

The new day surgery unit, is situated
in Area K of the NGH site (the former
outpatients building), adjacent to Car
Park 3.

 Patient Betty Alcock with 
staff nurse Jay Briah 
and theatre support worker Michelle Brown

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