Sunday, 4 April 2010

Saying pants to Chlamydia

Local sporting star Dave Griffiths, from Northampton Town Men’s Lacrosse Team has become the face of the ‘Chlamydia – Get talking, Get tested’ campaign to promote better sexual health for young people in Northamptonshire.

Chlamydia is the most common STI
(Sexually Transmitted Infection) in the
 UK and young people under 25 are the highest risk group.
Because it doesn’t often have any symptoms, most people don’t know they have it,
but the long term effects can include infertility.

NHS Northamptonshire 
talked to Dave about why he got involved with the campaign:


I graduated in Paramedical Science from the
 University of Northampton last year, so you could say I have a healthy interest in looking
 after young people in the county as I’m now a trained paramedic in Corby.
“As a keen sportsman, I know it’s really important to have a healthy lifestyle,
 but most people think of their health in terms of what they eat and how much exercise they do.
 Through initiatives at Uni, I found out that if you are going to be sexually active,
you need to think about your sexual health too and part of that is about being aware of STIs and getting tested.
I did and got my free ‘I’ve been tested’ pants and now I have modelled them as part of the advertising campaign.

“I’d urge everyone to say yes if you’re offered the test, but it’s also important that parents and teachers are supportive by encouraging responsible conversations. It’s simply the right thing to do

Dave can be seen on billboards and signs throughout the country and also at where under 25s can order a FREE postal testing kit or to find their nearest screening centre.

How to get tested?
Order a kit or visit a screening centre via – and just follow the simple instructions.
If you don’t have Chlamydia you will told  by text within 2 weeks.
If you have Chlamydia , we’ll contact you to arrange treatment, which is as free and easy as the test.
 Either way, we’ll send you your free designer pants as a thank you.

 Just click above

Love Bugfree facebook group



 Make an appointment at your local health centre

chlamydia please watch the video, and see it's easier than you thought....

Teenagers Ben and Rosie are a young couple,
and as their relationship develops they decide to get 
tested for STIs such as chlamydia.



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