Saturday, 29 May 2010

Cary Colemen 1968-2010

 Gary Coleman  1968 - 2010

Gary Coleman ,child star of 70's  sitcom 'Different Strokes' has died at the age of 42.

'Different Strokes' debuted in 1978 and most of the laughs came from Gary Coleman, who's growth was stunted by  kidney disease, as an adult he was only 4ft 8 inches tall , but sparkling eyes and perfect comic timing  Coleman was an immediate star, his sceptical  "What you talking about"  usually aimed at his elder brother Willis became a catch phrase.

Different Stokes ran for eight seasons , ending in 1986 when Coleman was eighteen.

His life was marred with health and legal problems, his kidney disease required dialysis and needed two transplants, in the 90's  Gary admitted trying to kill himself after a string of debt problems.

In 2003 Coleman tried at politics , but Arnold Schwarzenegger pipped him to the post as 38th governor of California, Coleman ran a Conservative campaign, calling for tax cuts.

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