Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Travels With My Aunt ..The Review

Henry Pulling is a retired bank manager, he lives in London, he meets for the second time in his life his Aunt Augusta, during his mother´s funeral. They get to know and they started to be friends. She tells him that the dead woman (Aunt augusta´s sister)is not his real mother.
He likes very much growing his dahlias, it is his only hobby. He starts knowing his step aunt, and they decide to travel all along Europe and to some parts of Asia and America. They go to France, to Turkey, to Argentina, etc. 

Time pases and Henry becomes more interested in knowing about his real parents; as he pases most of the time with his aunt, he starts changing dramatically into a very different way from his common life.

He starts knowing his aunt, and he notices that she had many lovers as well as money, and that she has many strange friends, or people involved some time with the government or corruption. 

Although Aunt Augusta doesn´t tell Henry the truth of his real mother, he starts noticing that his aunt had once had a very good relationship with his father, and that she has sentimental feelings to his father.

This adaptation for stage by Giles Havergal  is funny ,  the  improvised use of suitcases for other means , like the taxi scene, in which a clever use of suitcases make them into a taxi cab, and using a bowler hat as a steering wheel , very funny.

The actors, Stuart Angel, James Duke, Peter Forbes, and Miltos Yerolemou , work hard to make this very funny comedy work.

  • Humorous
  • 1930's to 1950's era.
  • Struggle with family
  • Struggle with Aunt
  • Crime and police story
  • Story of criminals stealing from other criminals.
  • Lots of travel to other continents by the moving train scene

Tickets Fri 30 Apr - Sat 15 May
Venue: Royal
 If you liked the The 39 Steps or Spyski you’ll love this!

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