Monday, 2 January 2012

Waste and recycling news

New for 2012 - Weekly food & textiles collection

From January 2012 Northampton Borough Council  will be starting a weekly food & textiles collection across the Borough.
Why are NBC making changes?
To help you recycle more and to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.
Between January and March 2012, you will receive
  • an outdoor brown bin and 
  • an indoor brown caddy.
These will be delivered the week before your new collections are due to begin.

How to use your new food bins

1) Line your indoor caddy with newspaper or corn starch liner. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS
2) Fill the brown caddy with your leftover food waste
3) Once full, transfer it into your the bigger outdoor caddy

What food can I put in my caddy?

You can put in any raw or cooked food, including scraps or uneaten food.
  • Meat and fish- raw and cooked including bones
  • Fruit and vegetables- raw and cooked
  • All dairy products such as eggs and cheese
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Uneaten food from your plates and dishes
  • Tea bags and coffee grinds
  • Fats- solid and semi-solid but not liquid

    What food CANNOT go in the caddy?

    Please do not put any of these materials in your caddy.
    • Food packaging or wrapping of any sort
    • Plastic bags
    • Liquids
    • Kitchen towel

      Weekly textiles collection

      NBC will be collecting textiles each week with your other recyclables.
      Please place old clothes, shoes and textiles into bags, tie them up and present with your boxes.
      If you have a charity bag for collection and it is placed beside your boxes, the recycling crews will collect it. Please place these bags in a different place if they are meant for the charities.
      Please do NOT use black bags as they can be mistaken for household rubbish.

Weekly textiles collection