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On Tuesday July 24 2012 Inspiration FM celebrates it's second birthday with it's five year community radio license. But let me take you back along the history of how Inspiration became Northampton and indeed the world's  most favourite community radio station.


  • Since 1996 Inspiration FM have completed 15 Restricted Service Licences (RSL). These broadcasts have developed into a popular, successful and well loved multicultural radio venture. The organisation was set up by community volunteers with support and funding from the Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council.
    Over the past 12 years Inspiration FM have developed close working relationships with grass roots level organisations, voluntary groups, diverse communities, local businesses, schools, colleges, training education providers, job centre, Northants Police, Health & Primary Care Trust, a variety of departments & resources in the Northampton Borough & County Council, as well as the key development and infrastructure organisations responsible through consultation for shaping the future of Northampton. Inspiration FM continues to make valuable contributions to Northampton, using the experience, knowledge they have gained.
    Inspiration FM is now ready and able at to take this radio project forward. Organisations such as ALL FM and Radio Region (Manchester), New Style FM (Birmingham) and The Community Media Association(Sheffield) are advisors to the Board and Committee. Inspiration FM is now starting to get its training programme accredited by working in partnership with other organisations. Inspiration FM has been based at 20 Sheep Street, Northampton, NN1 2LU since its inception in 1996.
    Inspiration FM have won a number of prestigious awards, a true reflection of Inspiration FM dedication and professionalism but also the warm regard and esteem it is held in by the local public and business community.
  • Winners of The Queens Award for Voluntary Services 2004 for getting black and ethnic minorities involved in community radio.
  • Northampton Afro Caribbean Centre Community Awards January 2005. Inspiration FM receives a community action award for training and involving young people in delivering radio broadcasts.
  • Community award from the Wellingborough African Caribbean Association for outstanding, broadcasting, journalism and coverage for the black & ethnic minorities in Northamptonshire.
  • Community award from the “Dreams To Reality Youth Group” for getting young people involved in making and producing radio 2005
  • Nomination for BBC Frank Gillard Awards 2005
  • Black History Month Award 2002. Countywide award for media, journalism, radio training and delivery of multicultural broadcasts for the Black and Ethnic Minority communities of Northamptonshire.
  • Northants Police Community Action Award 2001. For exceptional accomplishments in the work carried out by Inspiration FM in the community

    Key Facts

  • Started 1996
  • Completed 15 RSLs to date
  • Funded by Northampton Borough Council and Northants County Council
  • Fundraising Team
  • 1st Community Radio Station in England & Wales to have had a paid working agreement with the local BBC Radio station and were instrumental in the development with the Community Media Association and the BBC for the Memorandums of Understanding.
  • Sit on the board of Black and Ethnic Minority Sub-regional partnership
  • Members of the Community Ethnic Minorities Council
  • Links with Voice East Midlands
  • Station output is made up of multi-cultural communities
  • African, Asian and Irish community shows included in the original programme line-up
  • Greek show added to line-up in November 1997
  • Somili show added to line-up in Decmeber 2003
  • Polish show added to line-up in December 2005
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Sit on Race Equality Forum
  • Council Member for Community Media Association
  • Sit on Northampton Carnival Steering Group
  • Roots & Culture Festival Northampton committee
  • Working in partnership and assisting with Northamptonshire Police & Northampton Black Police Association in developing the Stop and Search Policy Over the years, listed here are just a few of the organisations we have received support from: • Northampton Borough Council 12 years • Northampton County Council 12 years • BBC Radio Northampton 8 years • Community Volunteers 10 years age range from 6 to 60 • Tony Clarke ex Labour MP • Sally Keeble Labour MP • SRB5 Training Funds • SRB6 Training Funds • Local Network fund Training Funds • Catalyst Fund Training Funds • Princes Trust Training Funds • Black Police Association • Crown Prosecution Service • Connexions • Northampton College • Many Statutory organisations and Community groups • Northampton Carnival.


  • RSL's Completed 

    (Restricted Service License)
    1. 18/11/1996-15/12/1996 (frequency 107.4)
    2. 26/05/1997-22/06/1997
    3. 24/11/1997-21/12/1997
    4. 22/06/1998-19/07/1998 (frequency 105.8)
    5. 23/11/1998-20/12/1998
    6. 12/07/1999-08/08/1999
    7. 06/12/1999-02/01/2000
    8. 17/07/2000-13/08/2000
    9. 11/12/2000-07/01/2001
    10. 16/07/2001-12/08/2001
    11. 24/12/2001-20/01/2002
    12. 25/11/2002-22/12/2002
    13. 08/12/2003-04/01/2004
    14. 05/12/2005-01/01/2006
    15. 10/12/2007-06/01/2008

    On 24 July 2008 Inspiration FM was awarded a 5 year Community Radio Licence by Ofcom.

    Inspiration had two years to launch the radio service to Northampton, and refurbished its studios in 20 Sheep Street Northampton, and made sure there was a schedule of presenters available to broadcast. It was a big step from broadcasting a 28 day temporary license to another license which would carry Inspiration FM from 24th July 2010 to 24th July 2015, and beyond, as all the presenters and office administration are all volunteers, and would have make spare time around their professional jobs, and take time away from their families and friends to take up this roll of broadcasting.
     And so Inspiration FM began a full broadcast 24 hours a day to the community of Northampton and surrounding villages. It's on-line service was launched  at the same time, which extended it listeners beyond the boundaries of what  the radio transmission service license would allow us to go via the radio air waves.

    Northampton Mayor, Councillor Marianne Taylor officially opening Inspiration FM Community Radio 107.8 on Saturday July 24th 2010. Interviewed by the Inspiration FM Kids presenters.

    On the 19th July 2012 an exciting new phone application (App) for android phones for Inspiration FM Multicultural Community Radio was launched. The genres of music.. Motown, R&B, Top 40-Pop, Reggae, ska, soca, calypso, Broken, Leftfield Beats, Euro Dance, House, Techno, Trance and Old Skool remixes, Dance and Club Anthems. and many more... click here for details 

    On Monday 23rd July 2012, on the breakfast show , Mark Dean, Breakfast show host and Inspiration FM Station Manager/Controller, extended his gratitude to all presenters and background staff by making Inspiration FM Multicultural Community Radio a complete success and welcomed Birthday cards and texts all day on 24th July 2012 , which celebrates IFM's second birthday.

    Telephone 01604 250544, Or  Text: 07596 277003, or  in person to 
    Inspiration FM's 20 Sheep Street's studio in Northampton, just around the corner from the Northampton market square.

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    Inspiration FM second birthday in the park

    Celebrating 50 years of reggae and soca out of Jamaica