Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Northampton Carnival '2012 Summer Of Celebrations'

The Carnival is still on but due to Delapree park being completely waterlogged the Carnival

 parade will now be starting at 2pm from the car park at Asda, Far Cotton. 

The events taking place at the park have all been canceled.  

    Inspiration FM live on facebook , had these comments!!

    • Maz Curley such a shame....feel for all the people who have cooked food again and made things to sell.
      57 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 2

    • Jo Hoyer If people are looking for alternatives to do they could come to central library fun day. 11-2
      54 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 1

    • Inspirationfm Live According to the forecast there should not be any rain during the parade which will take place between 2pm and 4:30pm.

      52 minutes ago ·  · 

    • Eileen Taylor With this weather maybe we should look into a indoor event for all the talented performers who have missed out. Have we got a place big enough?....
      41 minutes ago ·  · 2

    • Inspirationfm Live There's the old fish market but that's going to be demolished but the best choice for a contingency plan is Franklins Gardens which should be able to host the performers indoors and the floats in it's car park.
      31 minutes ago ·  · 1

    • Rebecca Louise Duggan I know we can't help the rain but Really badly organised, no one contacted us a pitch holder to say its cancelled,we find out as we get there. I really feel for everyone who has cooked food again, made things and invested money, let's hope nxt year it will be better and maybe an alternative venue!
      31 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 2

    • Eileen Taylor  Franklins Gardens sounds like a plan...:)
      25 minutes ago · 
  • Steve Wazo Ginn  Sixfields car park also is quite big ...
    15 minutes ago via Mobile · 

Morcea Walker MBE:

THE woman who resurrected the Northampton Carnival more than seven years ago has been recognised by the Queen for her services to the local community.
Morcea Walker said she was unable to believe it when she found out she would be honoured with an MBE in the 2012 New Year's Honours List.
The 62-year-old, who is married with three children and lives in The Arbours, Northampton, was awarded the accolade for her services to the community in Northamptonshire.
She said: "It was an absolute shock. The work in the community and with young people is something I have always done, and I have never done it for recognition.
"The accolade is due to the people, groups and organisations who have enabled me to carry out the work. Without them I wouldn't have been able to do it."
Mrs Walker was born in Jamaica and moved to England when she was nine years old, before settling in Northampton in 1973.
She was a founder member of the Northampton West Indies Parents' Association, and was heavily involved with the Northants Black History Association.
Mrs Walker was awarded an honorary degree from The University of Northampton in 2008 for her outstanding contribution to education and training in Northamptonshire, and as a leading member of the African Caribbean community.
She said: "I work in the community because I love it and I want to see the difference it makes.
"My work has been a kaleidoscope of activity. I haven't got a favourite moment but I love working with young people."
Mrs Walker resurrected the Northampton Carnival in 2005.
She said: "I just couldn't understand why there wasn't a carnival in the town, but there were ones in surrounding areas. It was a very exciting return for it that year. I wanted something special for the community."
She added: "The core of the carnival is the community working together and it involves a mix of ages, groups, organisations and communities. The carnival belongs to the people."
Mrs Walker is currently the chairwoman of governors at Stimpson Avenue Primary School in Abington, and has been a governor at Northampton School for Boys since 1988

   Funds always required

Northampton Carnival is an event for the community and people of Northampton and visitors to the town. It is not organised with a view towards profit. As such every year there is a major challenge to overcome of funding this event.
The small group of volunteers who organise this event are continuously trying to find the funds needed to cover major costs which are the unexciting aspects of carnival such as toilets, road closures, and security.


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