Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Apply for a School Place

Apply for a primary school place by Halloween 

and you could win an iPad!

If you’ll be celebrating your child’s fourth birthday
 now and 31st August 2013, then you’ll need to apply for
 a primary school place.
For information on how to apply, and details of how
 an early application means you could 
win an iPad if you apply by Wednesday 31st October:

Secondary school applications

You can apply for a secondary school place for September
 2013 if your child has their 11th birthday between 1st September 2012 
and 31st August 2013 (year 6 in a primary or junior school).
You can apply for an upper school place for September 2013
 if your child has their 13th birthday between 1st September 2012
 and 31st August 2012 (year 8 in a middle school).
For information on how to apply: