Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jubilee tree planted to replace Delapre oak

A Royal Oak sapling donated by the Woodland Trust will be planted in the grounds of Delapre Abbey on 14 January to replace a 250 year old oak that fell as a result of the bad weather last June.
The replacement oak was grown from a seed gathered from one of the royal estates as part of the Woodland Trust’s celebration of the queen’s jubilee.
Councillor David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council, will be planting the tree as near to where the old oak stood as its roots will allow.  He will be joined by councillor John Caswell, Northampton Borough Council cabinet member for the environment, and members of the Friends of Delapre Abbey.
Councillor Mackintosh said:
 "It was very sad to lose the old oak last year.  Although we gave it a new lease of life by making a bench for park users, I am very happy to be planting the new oak.  The Olympics and jubilee celebrations made 2012 a year to remember and the new oak with its royal connections will be lasting reminder for us.”
As well as the Royal Oak, the Woodland Trust donated a number of other woodland trees to the borough which have been distributed to community groups for planting in publically accessible parks and green spaces.