Sunday, 3 February 2013

IFM Best of Podcast - 28th January-1st February (Online Version)

Hiya! Stephen Mitchell here for I think episode 9 of the weekly podcasts but who’s counting? If you missed the podcast from this morning because you were sleeping like a normal person at 06:30am in the morning then here is the podcast in all it’s glory but without the music because there was too much legal guff to sort out and I am a big procrastinator A PACKED week of interviews are in this podcast including Mark Deans chat with Patricia Sinclair from the Black History Association to promote her latest event & our special interview with the first police crime commissioner of Northamptonshire Adam Simmonds to talk about how he is settling in to the new role and his plans to stop discrimination on stop & search. Also during this week I have found a way to get round the boring legal people with “Automan Karoake” & the first tracks will be Bullet For My Valentine – Riot & Calvin Harris & Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing. If anything after hearing Automan singing the current hits of today it will probably encourage you to tune in live to the “Best of Podcast” every Saturday at around 06:30am to hear the tracks in FULL! If you did want to listen to any of the interviews or shows in full then go to our listen again website which as I type this you already have hence why you are reading this. I am smart…...well sort of…..;) Anyway enjoy! :D   P.S Please share with your friends & family and you will get a lifetime of chocolate. This last part may not be true! 

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