Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Saturday Breakfast Show 'Strange But True' Facts for 8th March 2014. Part 1 of 2

  1. Fredric J. Baur of Cincinnati was the inventor of Pringles, and when he died
     his ashes were split between an urn and a Pringles tube and then put into his grave! 
  2. Blue whales can consume around 480,000 calories in a single mouthful.
  3. If you were on the planet Mars, the Sun would appear 2.5 times larger.
  4. Many species of starfish feed by ejecting their stomachs through their mouths.
  5.  Pepsi Cola company have designed a new bottle made from organic waste in your food bin.
  6. Icebergs can have multi coloured stripes.  Blue and green stripes are the most common, but icebergs can even have brown stripes. This is a phenomenon that occurs more often in the Southern Hemisphere.
  7. A clock has been developed and is powered solely by dead flies. Technology lies in a device called the microbial fuel cell. Each fuel cell contains bacteria that feast on dead insects. Every time the microbes are fed, electrons from the ensuing chemical reaction are harvested and converted into the electricity that powers the clock. A mere eight dead flies is enough to keep it fully powered for almost two weeks!
  8.  Kenya’s most well-known polygamist, Ancentus Akuku ( was known locally as “Danger”), died in 2010, leaving behind over 100 widows. The 92-year-old became a practising polygamist at age 22 in 1941. His last marriage was in 1992. He has outlived  12 of his wives, making him a 12 time widower. He also has fathered over 200 children.
  9. Because Neptune is 30 times further away from the Sun than Earth, a year there is ridiculously long. One year on Neptune (one revolution around the Sun) is equal to almost 165 Earth years! Neptune was first discovered in 1846, and in August 2011 an entire Neptunium year  passed since then. 
  10. After getting hitched at the Bristol Register Office, Kelly Buchanan and Gary Richard headed to the local K.F.C.  in a tuxedo and wedding gown! Their friends had laughed when they initially suggested the location for the reception, but 30 people showed up to celebrate the pair’s new union. The wedding breakfast was chicken and chips washed down with litres of cola drinks.

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