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Carers Direct is a free national service.Offering information, advice and support for people like you who care for someone else.
  • Guide to caring
  • Financial and legal advice
  • Advice for young carers
  • Work and study information
  • Find local support groups and services
  • Advice on keeping healthy
  •  Carers blog and forum

If you care for a relative or loved one it's important to take 
care of yourself, 
and to have support. Anne Roberts of the charity 
Crossroads explains the help that's available.

Julie became a full-time carer when her husband and her mum were 
both diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. She describes 
how this affects her own health and her social life, and where she found help young carers talk about the reality of going to school 
and caring for their parents, and the support they've 
had from the Young Carers projects 

Becoming a full-time carer can be particularly difficult 
for men as it has traditionally been seen as a woman's role.
Two men talk about their own experiences as carers.

Mohammed is 18 and looks after his ill mother and younger siblings. 
He talks about the support and help available, 
including benefit advisers, respite care and support groups.

Call free on o808 802 02 02*
or go to

 * Calls are free from all UK landlines. The cost of calls from mobiles may vary. you may be charged a minimum cost per call. Lines open 8am-9pm Monday- Friday and 11am- 4pm on weekends and bank holidays.

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