Monday, 1 March 2010

Welcome to NHS MidLifeCheck

NHS MidLifeCheck tool
NHS LifeCheck is a free online service for people over 40. Just answer a few simple questions about your lifestyle and NHS MidLifeCheck will give you  information and advice based on your results.
Topics include:
  • stopping smoking,
  • healthy eating,
  • alcohol,
  • physical activity, and
  • emotional wellbeing.
NHS MidLifeCheck lets you know what you are doing well and flags up possible problems for the future.
It will help you to make small changes in your life that could have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. You can set goals and sign up to receive free top tips via email, text or post.
All NHS LifeChecks are confidential. No-one can see or read through your answers. You can print off your results if wish to show them to a health professional or someone you trust.
Click on the image above for NHS MidLifeCheck.

NHS MidLifeCheck has been developed by the Department of Health in consultation with members of the public, doctors, health professionals and researchers.

NHS MidLifeCheck 


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