Monday, 24 September 2012

Street Fair back for half-term fun in Northampton

Saint Chrispin's street fair made it's debut in 1993

It was twelve years since the last St Crispin's Street Fair.

 took place in Northampton.

 Originally it ran from 1993 until 2004.

The last ride pulled away from
 Northampton  in October 2004

The St Crispin’s Fair is back on the streets of Northampton next month for the first time since 2004.
This popular half term event will bridge the gap between the high-profile events of the summer and the launch of Christmas celebrations in November.
Northampton Borough Council is supporting the Fair, which is being organised by fairground owner Albert Evans.  From Sunday 28 October until Tuesday 30 October, the Fair will bring 44 attractions big and small, including stalls and children’s rides, to Gold Street, Mercer’s Row, the bottom of the Market Square and the bottom of Abington Street.
The Fair will spring up overnight and be open for business from 2pm on October 28.  The rides will include 2extreme, a 49 metre high pendulum; Sky Flyer, a 120ft chair ride and other major attractions along with the traditional Waltzer and Twister.
Albert Evans said that he wanted to support Northampton’s businesses and Market Traders by helping to bring visitors into the town centre during half term.
“When people go home on Saturday night the street will be normal, and when they come back on Sunday, the fair will be there with the lights twinkling and the smell of candy floss.
“We run street fairs in many other towns and they are really popular.  We are pleased to bring the fair back to Northampton after so many years and I hope we are able to bring in business to support the town centre Market and all the traders.”
Cllr Brandon Eldred said the Fair would fill a gap in events during the autumn.  “We were really pleased to be able to support Albert’s plans to run the street fair again.  We have had a busy summer with major events to mark the Olympics and the Jubilee so the street fair this autumn will be an attraction to visitors before we launch our Christmas celebrations in November.”
The street fair will have its own stewards, security, toilet facilities and cleaning.