Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaign

The national drink drive campaign runs 
1 December,2012 to 1 January, 2013
 and police officers throughout Northamptonshire will be carrying out
 increased levels of breath tests with co-ordinated roadside operations,
 routine checks and ongoing patrols.
The campaign will see tests carried out at all times of the day and night,
 including first thing in the morning, as drivers are urged to think twice 
before getting behind the wheel the morning 
after drinking.
Click here to download The Northamptonshire police leaflet.
Anyone who suspects a driver in Northamptonshire 
of taking to the wheel under
 the influence of drink or drugs is urged to call the 

Drivewatch Hotline, on 0800 174615. 
This confidential service is regularly monitored and
 intelligence is followed up by officers.
 Information can also be emailed to the police
 using the Drivewatch for Or,
 if they are behind the wheel nowcall 999 to report them. 

Campaign advice Opens Drink Drive 2012 PDF

BBC NEWS ON last years campaign: 

Drink or drug-driving crackdown sees 7,200 arrested