Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Saturday Breakfast Show 'Strange But True' facts, part 1 of 2 for February 8th 2014.

Part 1 of 2
8th February 2014
  1. A single tree will give off approx 70 gallons of water everyday, just in evaporation.
  2. Harrison Ford used to be a carpenter... before George Lucas offered him Star Wars.
  3. A moth can smell another moth 7 miles away.
  4. There are 45miles of nerves in the skin of a human being.
  5. Women spend 47mins a day getting ready for the day ahead.
  6. Bill Gates first business was Traf-O-Data... (it was making machines that measured technical stuff with traffic)
  7. One study has found that sex can actually reduce migraine pain.
  8. Every human being spent about half an hour being a single cell.
  9. Snails can sleep for three years.
  10. Bread was used to rub out pencil before erasers were invented.

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