Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Strange But True facts for Saturday Breakfast Show 15th February 2014 part 2 of 2

Strange But True facts for 
15th February 2014 part 2 of 2
  1. The inner skin of a banana peel can be used to help whiten your teeth.
  2. Your nose is connected to the memory centre of your brain. That's why smells can trigger powerful memories.
  3. Vodka can also be used to treat dry scalp, reducing dandruff and strengthening hair.
  4. Women appear 10 times more attractive when wearing the colour red, a study found.
  5. The Oxford Dictionary 2013 word of the year was "selfie." It beat out "bitcoin" and "twerk."
  6. MC Hammer once challenged Michael Jackson to a dance-off.
  7. It's estimated there are over 17billion computer devices connected to the internet
  8. Strawberries have more vitamin C than oranges.
  9. In 2004 the first ever robot conducted the Tokyo philharmonic playing Beethoven's 5th.
  10. The acronym 'LOL' was being used in the 1960s, in those days it meant 'Little Old Ladies'.

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