Tuesday, 11 February 2014

'Strange But True' facts for Saturday Breakfast Show 15th February 2014 part 1 of 2

Strange But True facts for 
15th February 2014 part 1 of 2
  1. It takes 720 peanuts to make a pound of peanut butter
  2. The first ever football chant was written by Edward Elgar!
  3. Giraffes are the only animals born with horns.
  4. More than 25% of the world's forests are found in Siberia
  5. The world's first transatlantic radio signals were sent from Cornwall to Newfoundland!
  6. Some tornadoes can travel up to 100 miles!
  7. The Roman Army would use cobwebs to dress wounds
  8. 8000 years ago Britain had so many trees that a squirrel could go from John O' Groats to Lands End without touching the floor.
  9. Every minute 10 hours of Vids are uploaded onto YouTube.
  10. Over 6000 computer viruses are released every month.

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