Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

The last year has seen Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and now a British nurse brings the first case home to the UK.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing from from the skies, the Boeing 777, 227 passengers from 15 nations and 12 crew from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading for Beijing Airport. And was found to be shot down over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, killing all 239 people aboard.

Jeremy Clarkson, allegedly mumbles a racist word on a recording of Top Gear TV show. (The item was never broadcast, but it caused an outcry!)

Ice Bucket Challenge for Charity, ironically we all shivered doing that last summer.
Scotland had a referendum and decided to stay with Great Britain, the turn out was 85%, biggest ever seen on an issue for a long while!
Stevi Ritchie made us cringe watching The EX-Factor 2014.
Austrian Singer Conchita Wurst, a transvestite with beard, Wins Eurovision 2014 Song Contest.
Gary Barlow surprised a bride and groom, by singing "A Million Love Songs" behind the scenes. The happy couple smooching to their first dance on their wedding night, and out walks Mr Barlow singing that song to amazed couple and wedding guests. not a dry eye that day!
Now what a year that was, lets hope for a amazing 2015!

Happy New Year for IFM Radio.