Sunday, 31 May 2015

Poland International Exhibition‏

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(courtesy of the author and Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris)

Poland International
Opening night: 5 June 2015 from 6pm
6 June – 2 August 2015
Opening hours:
Wednesday–Saturday 11am–6pm
Sunday 2–5pm
Free admission
 Number Nine Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 1DP, UK

The internet, freedom to travel and a cultural history of looking beyond country borders has led to recent generations of Polish artists engaging with international imagery and discourse.

The artists in this small group show, each reflect elements of global art history and contemporary critical theory. This exhibition brings work by emerging artists based in Poland to Northampton at a time when the town is home to the largest Polish population in the region.

Brud is an artist-run initiative established by Aditya Mandayam & Ada Pola. Based in Warsaw, they consider themselves as a stage for the arts, hosting performances, talks, curating projects and creating work. For Poland International they are presenting Kurz: Hand Book, an excerpt from a series of three books by the artists Evil Krow and Ada Pola and inspired by Desiderius Eramus’ Copia (1512).

Agata Kleczkowska lives and works in Warsaw. Agata Kleczkowska is predominantly a painter working with oil on canvas but also works with mixed media and embroidery. Her imagery ranges from mountains to wolves, tigers and other beasts, hands, cubes, triangles with graphic, angular colour and overlays of arrows, dots and symbols.

Festen by Wojtek Doroszuk takes as its inspiration the paintings of the 17th century Flemish animalist artists, such as Frans Snyder, Jan and Ferdinand Van Kessel combined with post humanistic experimentation to envisage a future world in which the human has disappeared.

Magda Magdziarz, like Agata, uses boldly graphic forms in her work but takes a more abstract approach to her painting. A geometric form may resemble a quartered constructivist head wearing a hat but a fluid flourish of paint disrupts its plane or creates a backdrop. Her palette ranges from primary, bold blocks to tertiary and earthy tones, frames, grids and interrupting flourishes.

Poland International will screen Gregor Rozanski‘s BLUE (#3B5998)2012.
This project is based upon Derek Jarman’s 1993 film Blue. In Gregor’s work, Jarman’s Yves Klein inspired shade of blue is replaced by Facebook’s colour palette (#3B599 RGb 59, 89, 152) which Gregor has renamed International Facebook Blue. The film’s soundtrack is a reconceptualisation of the original screenplay with a text generated by an artificial English voice simulator.

Admission is free

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