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 Updated 11th November 2009

BBC children in need appeal is still part of the British life, just like a pint of beer , or a trip to the cinema.

But instead of buying a pint of best bitter each year the British public choose to put their hands in their pockets once again , and hopefully beat last years jaw dropping £20,991,216  
for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. 

Sir Terry Wogan  hosted the last years programme , which lasted seven hours, co presenters also came to give Sir Terry a helping hand.
Presenters Tes Daly and Fearne Cotton were on hand with celebrities , like pop bands  Mc Fly, Take That, Boyzone, Girls Aloud, Sugarbabes and singer, and the now Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon  were live from the BBC HQ  in London's BBC TV Centre.

Sir Terry has been the main host since the start back in 1980, and Since 1980 the show has raised over £500 million.

A mascot called 'Pudsey', a yellow teddy bear with a bandage over one eye 
( The BBC have kindly let me use Pudsey bear for this blog) , was introduced in 1985 and has become a regular feature. In 2007 Pudsey and the Children in Need logo were redesigned. Children in Need was registered as a charity in 1989.

This year, supporting the BBC Children In Need charity, Gary Barlow and Take That will be inviting an all-star line-up of rock and pop's finest to take part in BBC Children in Need Rocks the Royal Albert Hall to be performed on Thursday 12th November.  Already confirmed for the extravaganza are Sir Paul McCartney, Muse, Lilly Allen, Dizzee Rascal, Dame Shirley Bassey, Leona Lewis, Palo Nutini , Mika , Snow Patrol, Cheryl Cole and Katherine Jenkins.
Radio 1's Chris Moyles will host the event and will be joined on stage by Peter Kay, Fearne Cotton, James Corden and , of course Sir Terry Wogan, who will help introduce the stars and remind us of the work that BBC Children in Need carries out in the UK.




BBC Radio Northampton are also keeping up with the tradition of doing their part for Children In Need, they are showing a film
of their very own Watford Gap the Musical at Cineworld Northampton, to celebrate Watford Gaps 's 50th Birthday. more

They're are also auctioning  a Hand made story tellers chair beautiful and lovingly crafted by Brian Goodacre from Burton Latimer  Northamptonshire, which there is a wonderful story attached to the chair.

A tale about the story tellers chair

Once upon a time there was an old tree in a big garden next to a forest, the tree had a red mark around it which told the woodman from the forest, that the tree needed to be cut down to make furniture.
After the tree had been cut down and turned into fence post, tables, chairs, beds and other types of furniture there were some pieces left over and these pieces of wood were sad because they were going to be chopped up for fire wood.
I don’t want to be burnt said one piece of wood how about the rest of you? No, no, no, said the rest of the wood, it is to hot on the fire and we will all be burnt into ashes.
The next day a carpenter came along to the woodsman’s yard and asked him if he had any old wood he could have.
Over there on that wood pile it is only going to be chopped up for fire wood take what you want Mr Carpenter.

The carpenter loaded up his car with the old wood and set off home.
Later that day he said to himself what can I do with this wood it is only good for the fire, No, no, no a voice came form the wood pile make us into a fine chair.
Unbeknown to him it was the old wood talking to him, a fine chair
Mr Carpenter a fine chair please.
That night when the carpenter went to bed all he dreamt about was making a fine chair, when he woke in the morning he sat with his wife in their wooden house having their eggs on toast for breakfast.
Pat he said to his wife all I dreamt about last night was making a fine wooden chair but I have only got that wood that is fit for the fire.
Rubbish said his wife you can make a good chair out of that wood now get into your workshop and don’t come out until you have started making that chair.
Half a day went by cutting and cleaning the wood and he came out of his workshop with a big smile on his face, you were right come and have a look at the wood now.
I told you, you could make a good chair out of that old wood said his wife.
The carpenter carried on day after day, first came the back frame then came the front legs each time he added more wood a voice said to him you can do it Mr Carpenter you can do it.

Then came the seat you can do it Mr Carpenter you can do it, at this point he realized it was the wood talking to him

Days went by and the chair became nearer and nearer finished until it was time to put the back on!  but there was a problem the carpenter had no more big pieces of wood to make the back .
My house is getting cold he said.
There was only one thing for it, I will have to chop up the chair he said the days are getting colder and colder and I have no fire wood for my fire.
The next morning he went to his workshop picked up the half made chair, and then went to his wood shed he picked up his axe and he heard voices saying no, no, no, Mr Carpenter please not the axe.
Suddenly a voice from outside was heard, it was the Woodsman.
Hello Mr Carpenter, do you want some more wood I have far too much for my needs, thank you said the carpenter, that’s just what I wanted have you got a big piece to spare?
Why said the Woodsman? Well you might not believe this but your wood talk to me and told me to make a fine chair from all those old bits you gave me but I have run out of big bits to make the back.
Look no further Mr Carpenter I have just the right piece for the back of your chair.

Later that day the carpenter fitted the back to the chair and he was about to polish it when a few little voices said what about us Mr Carpenter, and on the floor of his workshop lay three little pieces of wood.
Well do you know what he did with them children.
He made some mushrooms out of the wood and fitted them to he fine chair.

 Can you find them on the chair children.

The next day he went to the Woodsman’s home to show him the chair,

What are you going to do with it now?  The woodsman said to the carpenter.
Before you tell me, let me tell you where that wood came from.
There once was a Princess, who lived in a big house in Northamptonshire, and the tree that your wood came from was from the garden of that big house, and one day that very same Princess visited her old town!
I know what I am going to do with it , but first I need to give it a name and it will be call the story tellers chair and I will give it to Radio Northampton for auction  to raise money for The Children in need fund , and  hopefully it will be sold to a story teller and when the children are read a story the reader can sit in this grand chair to tell the story about this wood and it can be used for many  more story’s to come.
And the old pieces of wood will live happily ever after knowing that they are being loved and cared for by the children and people who sit and read from this chair.
This story and chair is donated to the save the children fund by Brian Goodacre of Burton Latimer Northamptonshire

Enjoy this Storytellers Chair and God bless you all.

So the BBC Radio Northampton auction 
list  is a follows:

  1. Hand made, Lovingly constructed story telling chair by Brian Goodacre from Burton Latimer especially for Children in Need, story above.
  2. One Family ticket for 6 people to see Peter Pan at the Decco, to include best seats, signed programme, backstage tour, and meet the cast.
  3. One Northamptonshire monopoly game signed by the presenters at BBC Radio Northampton.

So what are you doing this year ?
Click for details to Children in Need 2009

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