Tuesday, 11 May 2010

"Picnic In The Park" at Victoria park, Northampton UK.

"Picnic In The Park 2010"
Victoria Park
It's been three years since this event was created , and this Saturday 15th May , 
at Victoria Park , start time of 12noon until 4pm .

Another " Picnic In The Park" , this years theme is "Getting interactive", it's not just stands with leaflets on,
it's about you getting involved, it's for the whole community, no matter what age you are, it's for the people of Northampton.

Activities include , a dance showcase tent , with five different styles of dancers, get a chance to watch the performances and get a chance to have a go yourself, you could be Pro' at 5 different dance styles at the end of the day.

 Food stalls and circus skills, an Indian head massage, and other activities,
or you can just  have a picnic in the beautiful park. 

Victoria Park is situated within a mile of the town centre in the St James district of Victoria Park.

A quiet retreat from the busy roads around it, this open space covers about 16 acres.

Half of the park was gifted to the town by the Earl Spencer in 1898, which makes it the second oldest designated park in Northampton.

The other 8 acres were purchased from the Earl in 1910 and 1911.

Through the middle of the park runs a pleasant stream in which children used to bathe.

In 2007 the park was upgraded as part of a major regeneration project. New play equipment, lighting, landscaping, footpaths, park furniture and Youth facilities have all given Victoria Park a new lease of life.



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