Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saturday Breakfast Show, Strange But True, 25th January 2014

N.B. These facts were originally for Saturday Breakfast Show January 18th 2014, however this broadcast did not go to air. These facts will now be broadcast Saturday 25th January 2014!

  1. Beavers have been known to build dams that are up to 2000 feet long
  2. The average time it takes a person to fall asleep is 7 minutes.
  3. Most people will write their own name if given a new pen to try out.
  4. Only one Shakespeare play features a dog. The Two Gentlemen of Verona, the dog was called Crab, and his owner was a clownish servant called Proteus.
  5. The most played song on American radio in the 20th Century was You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ by The Righteous Brothers
  6. Snow is technically classified as a mineral.
  7. Les Miserables contains the longest sentence in literature.
  8. Snail’s teeth are on their tongue.
  9. Beethoven always used 60 beans when making coffee.
  10. Everyone has a unique tongue print.
  11. The first Olympic sport that women were allowed to take part in was tennis (at Paris in 1900).
  12. Tom Baker played the Doctor for seven years, making him the actor to play the character for the longest.
  13. There really was a King Macbeth, he ruled Scotland from 1040 to 1057 AD
  14. Red haired men are more likely to go bold than anyone else

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